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Air compressors - versatile applicable

A compressor can pressurize a wide variety of liquids and gases. It is used in many areas of application, from which it is nowadays impossible to imagine life without it. For example, compressed air compressors can be used in workshops for pneumatic screwdrivers or airbrush work. Other areas of application are medical areas, such as in dental practices, where certain instruments can be operated with compressed air. These are often found as industrial compressors in most large companies. The compressors are available from us in many variants:

  • mobile or stationary versions
  • Whisper compressors for a pleasant operating volume
  • Versions with different operating pressure (in bar)

How does a compressed air compressor actually work?

The compressed air compressor, also known as a compressor in some areas, compresses its ambient air by a mechanical process. During this process the gas is compressed in a sealed housing until it reaches the preset pressure. This is done by sucking in air and compressing the gas in the same way as a standard air pump. A piston inside the container compresses the air in such a way that the volume of the air is greatly reduced and a usually high pressure is created. This process simultaneously heats up the air that has been pressurized in the container.

Mobile or stationary - compressed air always at hand

Compressed air is needed in many different situations. Do you travel a lot on business and still need compressed air of consistent quality? Then mobile piston compressors are just the right thing for you. Thanks to wheels, which are usually attached to smaller compressors, you can now have compressed air practically anywhere an air compressor fits. With the mobile piston compressors, your company can now also drive to the customer, allowing you to work even more flexibly and independent of location.

But this feature is not only interesting for companies. Private users can now also work with compressed air in their home garage thanks to mobile piston compressors. So nothing stands in the way of your next home project. By the way, many of these compressors are also available in a quiet version (so-called whisper compressors), which means they are no longer an unnecessary burden on your ears.

When the volume is important: quiet compressors

In some areas, be it at work or even at home in a private environment, the operating volume of some compressors is simply too loud to work properly. There is a solution for this: quiet air compressors. These are usually equipped with a sound-insulated housing to seal off as much noise as possible. Some compressed air compressors do not even exceed the room noise level, which is around 55 dB during the day.

If it should be a little more compressed air: compressed air tank

A compressed air tank is usually an important part of a compressed air system. The compressed air generated by your air compressor is collected and stored in it. This is an advantage if you need to call up a little more compressed air than your compressor produces. Another advantage of the compressed air tank is that you can call up the collected compressed air from the storage tank without your compressed air compressor starting up. This also increases the lifetime of your compressor.

Everything about compressed air compressors: Accessories

Is there anything else missing or is something defective in your air compressor? No problem. Because the online shop of RP-TOOLS also offers a wide range of accessories for your product - be it for the stationary, the mobile or the silent air compressor. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about compressed air compressors ? we are here for you.

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