Tire- & Wheel Washers

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You can never be sure which tires how long you can use these, but you can contribute to a longer life by proper care and storage.

  • Storage Tyres should preferably be stored on a tire rack.
  • Sanitizing is profitable Eco-friendly and ensures a perfect cleaning of the tyre. Strong with the dirt, attentive and careful with the environment: to combine these two results, Magic adds a detergent (with low environmental impact) for a double cleaning action. The use of cold water is another saving. Among the stages there are: pre-wash, which eliminates the most debris from the tires, the softening effect of the detergent which dissolves the dirt structure and most recently a basic cleaning rotating nozzles that are controlled by a high pressure pump (110 bar).
  • Programs
    • Short program - 80 seconds: recommended for dirt with medium severity level
    • Standard programme - 120 seconds: recommended for particularly stubborn dirt
    • Wash - 30 seconds: to rinse the inside of the device, without detergent or steam

    The wheel is automatically sprayed via the detergent nozzle from both sides, the detergent covers the entire surface evenly thanks to the movement of the wheel, and also affects the rims. The detergent is automatically controlled by the device. Then enter the water jets in action and spray for the duration of the selected wash cycle water on the wheel. At the end of the cycle remove the wheel from the washing Chamber and close the lid again. The wash cycle is used to clean the washing Chamber of the device, this function is selected by the operator at the end of the working day, to relieve the apparatus of dirt or detergent residues.

  • All-in-one The magic wheel washer offers great performance in a reduced space. The wheel washing system in every place of the workshop can be made thanks to the abbreviated dimensions. Less space, more room for a quality service. The versatility ensures the complete and thorough washing service for every type of tyre by just a single machine.

The machine guarantees a perfect tire cleaning. Effectively removes dirt and is environmentally friendly. Both detergent be dosed appropriately by a special pump.

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Tyre washing machines for a shiny appearance

Most of the time, they receive the least amount of attention during the car wash. Clean tires are not only important for the look, but also an elementary component of lasting safety. During the warmer seasons, particles of dust and loose road surface, dirt, brake dust, but also soil often get caught. In winter, all this is supplemented by road salt and slush. Superficial cleaning in a car wash is often not enough: Usually the dirt has already settled deeper, filling in cracks, corners and hidden angles. Special wheel washing systems can help here.

They clean the tyre from the bottom up, penetrate down to the last groove and let it shine again ? for more elegance and safety. RP-TOOLS has a first-class selection of professional washing machines for tires in its online shop. Offer your customers a complete service around the vehicle and rely on an expert wheel wash in your company.

Visual upgrading thanks to washing machines for tires

There is no other part of a vehicle that is so exposed to dirt as the tyre. If too much dirt settles, the overall appearance is no longer attractive. Especially those who attach great importance to the appearance of their vehicle, clean it frequently or have it cleaned, should not neglect this detail.

The following applies when cleaning tyres: The rims should be removed beforehand. They require special, above all gentle cleaning to avoid scratches and more. Minor damage to the rims can be removed to a certain extent. In case of larger defects a change is unavoidable.

Why should you wash your tyres regularly?

During every ride, particles of different kinds stick to the tyres. Other factors that influence the service life of tyres are mainly the individual driving style and the tread depth. If the dirt settles on the rubber and tread grooves, lack of cleaning will cause damage to the vehicle´s paintwork and rust in the long term. Expensive defects that can easily be avoided.

Pay special attention to the car tyres, especially at the change of season. It does not matter whether you or your customers have all-weather tyres or summer and winter tyres: Thorough cleaning by a tyre washing machine is essential before each storage. All-weather tyres should also be thoroughly cleaned at each change of season. The wheel washing machine counts as the most thorough form of cleaning.

Necessary tools for tyre repairs

The basic cleaning of tyres has another decisive advantage: If you want to carry out maintenance or service work on the tyres, dirt particles, stones and more are a hindrance. Such maintenance work includes, for example, regrooving the tyre tread. If stones, dirt and dust are still stuck in the grooves, they hinder the work and can lead to damage to tyres and workshop equipment.

Order tire washing machines from RP-TOOLS

Choose the right washing machine for your purpose from a high-quality range of wheel washing systems: whether in the workshop, another company or even for passionate hobbyists. We will be pleased to support you in making the right choice. In addition, we offer an all-round service with delivery, installation and further training on specific workshop equipment.

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