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Cable drums: For less cable tangle

Technical devices accompany us everywhere in everyday life. No matter how different they may be and no matter how much their areas of application differ ? they all have one thing in common: they need electricity. Cables are indispensable at this point. Whether short or long ? when using drills, grinders or soldering tools, a tangled mess of cables quickly arises. Especially when working in the workshop, this is not only annoying but can also be dangerous. Do you want to avoid sinking into cable chaos? Then cable drums are the quick and practical solution.

Just unroll it, plug it in and roll it back in just as quickly: A cable drum can help you avoid the annoying tangle of cables in the hectic everyday working life. Choose from the various models in our online range and ensure order and structure in your workshop.

Cable drums for every application

With a cable drum, power lines can be extended many times over without much effort. Compared to a conventional extension cable, they can be stowed away to save space, thus ensuring greater order and minimising the risk of tripping over exposed cables. The cable drum´s included multiple socket also allows several devices to be operated in parallel. So you kill two birds with one stone! Whether 15 or 40 m in length: You will find what you are looking for at rp-tools.

Depending on the intended use, the cable drums must meet different requirements. When using them outdoors, make sure that your cable drum has the necessary characteristics. This is because outdoors they are sometimes exposed to high levels of moisture or UV radiation. For this reason, sockets should be fitted with self-closing lids to prevent short circuits and ensure maximum safety at all times. Thanks to the ergonomic handle you can easily transport the drum from A to B. Besides stylish extras, the cable drums from rp-tools meet the highest quality standards.

Even more practical: cable drums with automatic rewind stop

A cable drum with automatic rewind stop takes the winding by hand and is a practical friend and helper in everyday work. The cable can easily be pulled to the desired length. It stops automatically as soon as you stop pulling. To roll up the cable, simply pull on it briefly and the cable will roll up again as if by magic. This means that cables are no longer a tripping hazard on the floor. And the life of your cables will also be extended thanks to the gentle automatic rewinder.

Do you have any questions about our cable reels? Please feel free to contact us ? whether by telephone or e-mail. We will gladly help you find the right tool for your workshop.

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