Jumper Cables & Battery Terminals

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Support for each battery: jump leads and battery clamps

The battery is the heart of every vehicle. It is only thanks to its starting aid that the engine can start and the electronics can be operated. However, the heart of the battery is vulnerable: temperature influences, interference from other electronic components or too infrequent use can cause starter batteries to suffer severe damage. We have a wide range of jumper cables and battery clamps so that you can help those who have been left lying down and get all the batteries working again in your workshop.

Battery clamps for a smooth start

Battery terminals are the little heroes so that the jumper cables can be attached advantageously. Battery clamps are required for the electrical connection of battery cables and poles. As with the battery, there is a plus and a minus pole. Battery clamps can be found in the RP-TOOLS online shop in various designs. Depending on what kind of battery you want to fit with them, the right choice is important.

Jumper cables quickly restore power

Everybody knows the combination of red and black cable - drivers of older cars always have the cable as a constant companion in their back pocket. In order for the car to start despite a flat battery, a jump lead and a functioning additional battery are necessary. Please note that thickness, length and clamp are compatible with the batteries. A distinction must be made here between diesel and petrol engines, among others: for a petrol engine, jumper cables with a cross-section of 20 mm² are sufficient, for a diesel engine the cross-section should be 25 mm². Longer cables are particularly practical for external starters. With these cables, the batteries used do not have to be placed directly next to each other and the function is not negatively affected by live terminals.

Correct insulation - High-quality jump leads

It quickly happens that the pole clamps touch other metal parts of the respective vehicle during the installation. To avoid short circuits, it is advantageous if the insulation of the clamps is made of plastic. The pliers should also have strong springs. An additional toothing facilitates the attachment and at the same time prevents the clamps from slipping off the battery. If the cables are poorly insulated, there is also a risk of electric shock. Therefore, always make sure that the cables and their insulation are completely intact - after all, it is the car that should be humming again, not you.

Everything about battery technology

No matter whether battery clamps or jump leads - RP-TOOLS is your partner in the field of workshop technology. Do you need further elements in the field of battery technology? With the help of our battery service you will certainly find what you need. Browse through our online shop and discover equipment in a class of its own - for hobbyists and workshop professionals.

RP-TOOLS - all-round service

We at RP-TOOLS offer you a unique service in addition to operating equipment, energy and exhaust gas technology and Co. Trained personnel assembles your new machines reliably. Our team is always up to date with the latest technology and will gladly train you and your staff in the operation of modern workshop machines and equipment. Convince yourself of our services!

Spare parts and Co. - We are happy to advise you

Do you need a spare part urgently? No problem! In our spare parts warehouse you are sure to find the right one. No matter what you need - ordered at RP-TOOLS, the parts will be with you in no time. With us as your workshop partner your machines never stand still.

Do you have any questions or do you need personal advice? Our customer service is happy to assist you with your purchase. Please contact us!

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