Air conditioner disinfection

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Accessories for the professional air conditioning service

A lot has happened in the field of air conditioning systems in recent years. Due to ever-changing legal requirements, air conditioning systems now have to be retrofitted frequently. The question often arises as to which refrigerant was last filled in and whether an accidental mixture can cause danger. Of course, the most common refrigerants R12, R134a and R123yf cannot be confused due to their different connections. However, it cannot be ruled out that a refrigerant other than the prescribed one has been filled into a system. RP-TOOLS therefore recommends its customers to carry out a refrigerant analysis before every evacuation of an air conditioning system. The appropriate refrigerant analysis devices can of course also be found in our online shop.

A lot of care and attention is also required when refilling or recharging air conditioning systems. There are currently still many vehicles on the road whose air conditioning systems have been designed for the refrigerant R12. However, this refrigerant was already finally abolished in 2001 and banned by EU directive. Since that date, all vehicles with an R12 system had to be retrofitted for maintenance or repair work. Apart from some refrigerant mixtures, the refrigerant R134a is mainly used as a substitute in this case.

Retrofitting the air conditioning system with RP tools

Today, the upgrade and conversion from R12 to R134a is particularly topical in the old and youngtimer sector and in countries that are not subject to EU climate standards. It goes without saying that in the course of a conversion, the entire system should be checked for leaks and possible leaks. If faults are found, these should be eliminated in advance. In addition, all other components should also be urgently checked for function and damage. Sealing rings should also be replaced and the filter-dryer renewed.

When converting from an R12 system to an R134a system, it must also be ensured that the mineral oil of the R12 system is replaced with a suitable PAG or PAO oil. As a result, flushing of the A/C system is recommended. Offer your customers all necessary steps to professionally retrofit the air conditioning systems of their cars. The RP-TOOLS online shop provides you with an extensive range of products for this purpose.

Climate protection means more work for garages

The protection of our planet and research into climate change has been occupying many people for several decades and efforts to protect the climate have entered many areas of our lives. As one of the major triggers of global warming, the automotive industry has had to bow to many adaptations, especially in recent years, and constantly reinvent or further develop proven technology.

The refrigerant R124a also has a very high global warming potential (GWP) of 1430. In order to be able to at least limit the future use of such refrigerants, it was decided in EC Directive 2006/40/EC to only permit the use of refrigerants with a GWP of 150 or less.

Refrigerant R1234yf - the solution to the problem?

This new regulation means that air conditioning systems of vehicles in category M1, i.e. cars and vehicles for the transport of up to 8 passengers, and category N1, which includes commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5t, may no longer be filled with R134a. Exceptions are all vehicles whose type approval within the EU was granted before 01.01.2011. Furthermore, vehicles filled with R134a cannot be registered for the first time since 01.01.2017. For vehicles that were registered before these dates and are already operating with R134a, service and maintenance work may still be carried out using this refrigerant.

One of the new refrigerants currently approved by the EU is R1234yf with a GWP of just 4. Other refrigerants can of course also be used as long as they do not exceed a GWP of 150. To meet the new challenges for workshops and service personnel, the RP-TOOLS online shop offers not only refrigerants that comply with the current regulations, but also professional conversion kits. We will be happy to advise you on how to store and handle the new refrigerants separately, if necessary, or on the purchase of new service equipment.

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