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Reliable compressed air tanks from RP-TOOLS

Motor vehicle companies need many different devices, machines and equipment for the smooth running of everyday work. Whether tire levers or piston compressors, hazardous materials storage or oil service. In the online shop of RP-TOOLS you will find many products especially for the needs of the automotive industry. For example, if you want to store compressed air or nitrogen, we offer reliable compressed air tanks from 100 l. These are closed containers whose internal pressure can be significantly higher than the ambient pressure.

Special requirements apply to compressed air tanks

In Germany and other European countries, the operation of pressure vessels requires that they be assigned to a specific installation site. This clearly distinguishes them from pressurized gas containers and transport containers under traffic law, which are intended for the transport of liquids.

Specifications on the condition

According to the European law on the free movement of goods, compressed air boilers must be inspected in accordance with? "simple pressure vessels" and "pressure equipment". Depending on the area of application, different directives apply to the respective equipment. In order to make it easier for you to choose between the two, you will find a brief explanation of both directives below.

The guideline for simple compressed air containers

Due to recurring, avoidable accidents and material defects, pressure boilers may only be sold under certain requirements since 01 January 1993. These requirements have been continuously adapted over the years and have now been replaced by the currently valid directive 2014/29/EU. According to this directive, simple compressed air tanks are serially produced compressed air tanks intended for certain limited applications and designs. The following therefore applies to the compressed air tanks:

  • They are only intended to hold air or nitrogen.
  • They must not be exposed to flames or fire.
  • They may only be made of unalloyed aluminium or steel.
  • They consist of a cylindrical part, which is closed by two bottoms? flat or convex?
  • They must not exceed a maximum operating pressure of 30 bar.
  • Their pressure content product must not exceed 10,000 bar per litre.
  • The maximum temperature of 100°C for aluminium, or 300°C for steel, must also not be exceeded.

The classic areas of application for these compressed air receivers are mainly found in industrial compressed air boilers for companies in almost all industries. At RP-TOOLS you will find these compressed air tanks from a size of 100 l.

The Pressure Equipment Directive - briefly summarized

Compressed air tanks with maximum operating pressures of 0.5 bar are also subject to a guideline. The so-called Pressure Equipment Directive covers not only compressed air vessels but also pipelines, steam boilers and other pressure-retaining equipment such as valves or filters. All these devices are therefore subject to an EU standard and may only be put into circulation with an EC declaration of conformity and a CE mark.

Buy compressed air boilers from 100 l now at RP-TOOLS

The compressed air tanks in our RP-TOOLS online range naturally comply with the applicable regulations and guidelines. In addition, you will find many other equipment items for your company. Whether consumables or transport equipment, at RP-TOOLS you will find an extensive selection of high-quality and reliable products for the automotive industry. Do you have questions or comments about our product range? We are happy to help you with problems and are available within our service hours by mail, chat or telephone.