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Get to work: with work gloves from RP-TOOLS

Protective gloves are needed almost everywhere where manual work is carried out. Be it to protect against dirt and contamination, or to protect against harmful substances, splinters and other hazards that could damage hands, or to protect against heat or cold.

Due to the different areas of application, there are also various types of protective gloves that differ in terms of material and properties.

For example, gloves that are intended to protect against moisture must be made of moisture-repellent material, while protective gloves that are intended to protect against acids or similar substances must be made of material that is resistant to these substances.

In other areas of craftsmanship, however, such properties are not required. There it is especially important to protect the hands from mechanical impacts, dirt and the penetration of solid particles. And for others, the protection of hands against heat or cold is the main focus. Here, heat-resistant or heat-repellent material is required or a lining for the gloves.

Working and protective gloves must be comfortable and serve their purpose

In general, work gloves should always fit comfortably, not be too tight or too baggy, but should be worn so that the relevant work steps can be carried out comfortably without any slack, pressure or discomfort. For more precise work steps, gloves are required that adapt as well as possible to the shape of the fingers, and for some work the sense of touch must also be maintained, - while for coarser work, stronger protection against external mechanical influences is often a priority.

In general, the correct size of gloves should always be observed. One or the other may also have additional requirements regarding design and colour.

All in all, it is important to choose the right protective gloves for the work to be carried out so that they can fulfil their purpose and provide the desired protection.

We have a good selection of work gloves for different work areas in our range and carry both moisture-repellent protective gloves and sturdy leather work gloves, non-slip gloves and gloves that preserve the sense of touch.

All our gloves are characterized by a high wearing comfort and high-quality materials.

Clothing and work protection from RP-TOOLS

In the field of clothing and industrial safety, we offer protective gloves and goggles, as well as protective helmets, hearing protection, welding protection and general work clothing.

Have a look around with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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