Tire Inflation & Measurement Technology

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Without air nothing happens - Tyre inflators from RP-TOOLS

In order to keep the round really round, the right amount of air is needed. After all, the tyres are an important part of the car: without them, it won´t roll. Tyres with the wrong air pressure can quickly become a problem. Driving behaviour and braking distance change - in the worst case the tyre can burst. With the RP-TOOLS pneumatic tyre inflators this is out of the question!

With tyre fillers you won´t run out of air anymore!

Where once there were slack tubes, perfectly running wheels are pre-programmed with the RP-TOOLS tyre inflators. From 0.3 to 12 bar everything is possible. No matter whether tractor tyres, those of a combi or a lawnmower: With it you fill up everything without further ado.

But why tyre inflators?

As a dyed-in-the-wool mechanic, you know this very well. But not everyone is aware of how important correct tyre pressure is. Therefore we have listed the consequences of incorrect tyre pressure for you:

Under-inflation: Only the shoulders of the tyre are loaded. The steering is spongy and imprecise. Rolling resistance and fuel consumption increase, as does braking distance.

Too high air pressure: Only the middle section of the tyre´s tread rolls over the asphalt. This results in less grip - the braking distance increases. In addition, over- or understeering can occur in curves.

Both high and low air pressure accelerate tyre wear. Incorrect inflation can lead to cracks - then a dangerous car breakdown is inevitable. This is exactly why it is necessary to check the tyre pressure regularly. Especially if the car has no integrated tyre pressure system.

When the tyre pressure is perfect, the entire tread of the tyres lies on the road: Good road grip, a short braking distance and safe handling are the positive consequences. Have you ever had a flat tire Tires? When it is refilled, driving feels much better again!

Tyre inflators designed for your workshop

The seasonal tyre change: from O to O - Easter to October. This is a small rule of thumb concerning driving with summer tyres. In spring and autumn the workshops fill up with customers who want to take out or put down their winter tyres in addition to their winter jacket. In addition to changing tyres, however, it is also necessary to check the air pressure of the newly fitted wheels. This is because the air pressure may have changed during storage. So that this can be done quickly, we at RP-TOOLS have some compressed air tyre fillers for you in our range. Discover the different models and their advantages:

Stationary tyre inflators, standing column: These tyre inflators are particularly suitable for your workshop if you have a special place to change tyres. Here you can check the air pressure directly after the change and adjust it if necessary. Like at a petrol pump, cars can approach and fill up with air.

Stationary tyre inflators for wall mounting: These are particularly suitable if you do not want to have a standing column in your workshop. They are simply mounted on a wall and therefore take up a minimum of space.

Hand-held tyre inflators: With a hand-held tyre inflator you can check and adjust tyre pressures flexibly and independent of location. All you need to do is connect the hand tyre filler to a compressed air system. In combination with a small compressor, this tyre inflator is perfect for your hobby workshop. Mountain bike tyres are also taut again in no time.

Tyre inflator - friendly helpers

Tyre pressure can change not only when changing tyres. The pressure should also be checked prophylactically before long holiday trips. But you do not necessarily have to go to the garage for this. The RP-TOOLS clean filling devices are also suitable for use at petrol stations and service stations. Provide your customers with devices for independent pressure testing and expand your service. Thanks to fully automatic filling functions, the pneumatic tyre fillers are very user-friendly.

The right air pressure at the push of a button - it´s very easy with our tyre fillers. The desired pressure is entered via a plus and a minus button and is automatically applied by the device. Tyres for tyres, your customers can check the air pressure themselves.

Tyre inflation devices from professionals for professionals - and laymen!

RP-TOOLS - Your partner in the field of workshop technology

Tyre fillers are among the basics of workshop equipment. Whether for small appliances such as bicycles at home or for cars and everyday use - the pneumatic tire inflators from RP-TOOLS will not let you down. In no time at all they fill up or release the desired pressure and you can get back on the road.

But we at RP-TOOLS offer you much more: With our innovative workshop technology you will get your workshop in shape and impress your customers. Because: Modern equipment and machines enable shorter repair times. Browse through our online shop and discover electrical appliances, testing technology, tyre service and more.

Do you have any questions about our tyre inflation equipment or another product? Would you like a personal consultation before placing your order or would you like to see the desired device live? The customer service of RP-TOOLS will be happy to help you with words and deeds. And you can take a closer look at our machines at a reference customer.

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