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Body and workshop equipment for your company

A hall alone is usually not enough - to fully meet the expectations of all customers, much more is needed. In a professional workshop you will find rows of workshop equipment for various purposes, cabins and other tools. A good organisation ensures efficient work. Especially with all the small parts, equipment and everything else that makes up a workshop, it can quickly become confusing. But which bodywork and workshop equipment is a must for every business?

Your way to a professional workshop

Anyone who runs a motor vehicle business such as a workshop or test centre must be able to demonstrate a wide range of equipment for a professional appearance. These can range from sandblasting cabins and a workshop press to special dent removal tools. In our RP-TOOLS online shop for workshop supplies we offer a range of important bodywork and workshop equipment that goes far beyond the basic equipment.

Correct painting with painting equipment

Small scratches on the paintwork can be quickly removed with touch-up pens. But for larger elements larger solutions have to be applied: Whether caused by damage or desired repainting, a painting booth offers the necessary space for such cases. Important features such as the highest technical standards and compliance with environmental regulations ensure lasting satisfaction for you and your customers. But the other tools must also be right. In addition to such a professional paint booth, our product range also includes suitable equipment such as painting stands and holders. Last but not least, with the appropriate paint dryers you can ensure a fast and high-quality end result.

surface treatment by suitable sandblasting equipment

If a treatment of car parts is pending, sandblasting is often used. In this case, professional sandblasting equipment is essential and provides the necessary safety so that you can work on the surface of the relevant element without hesitation. Whether for removing rust, dirt, paint or other contaminants - in addition to the cabin, other workshop equipment such as a sandblasting gun is naturally also included. You will find both in our range of products in different versions.

grinding, welding, sawing and more - equipment for your workshop

Workshop equipment for the automotive sector looks very diverse. In order to be able to really cover all of a customer's requirements, you need many devices, including grinding machines and welding devices. But also simple metal saws and drilling machines are part of a comprehensive basic equipment package.

We support you in your success!

With our range of products we mainly address garages, test centres, dealers and other companies in the automotive industry. As a motor vehicle company you are dependent on your customers. And they especially like to come when you have made a professional impression. This is exactly where we start with our product range: Our mission is to provide you with the best bodywork and workshop equipment, but also other equipment with which you can not only make a professional impression, but also do at least as good a job.

If you have any requests, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact our service department at any time. You can also benefit from other services such as specialist training, assembly and installation of your ordered articles and more.

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