Rating guidelines

We are pleased that you would like to rate an item from RP-TOOLS. No matter if your evaluation is positive or negative - with your opinion you help other customers to choose a suitable product. In order for your opinion to help other customers in the best possible way, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

To write an optimal review, it is helpful to put yourself in a customer's shoes and consider what information might be helpful to their purchase decision.

Your review should reflect your personal experience: Only your opinion is asked.

Give reasons for your opinion. In addition to your personal opinion, we are interested in which features or functionalities you rated a product positively or negatively based on. Please only rate products with which you yourself have had experience. Avoid ratings that are based only on the image or product description.

Especially helpful to other customers are reviews of products that have not yet been commented on. Reviews that pick up on other, new aspects of a product that has already been rated are helpful. Do not just repeat existing statements, bring other points of view into play.


Disparaging, sexist, racist, unfair or illegal content is prohibited. It is also forbidden to advertise yourself or third parties.

Unfortunately, we cannot publish reviews that do not comply with these guidelines.

As a rule, reviews are published within 1-2 days. However, since approval must be granted manually, there may be delays in individual cases. Reviews that do not meet our guidelines for publication will not be published.

Please do not write one-word reviews, ideally about 100 - 300 words, longer texts can quickly tire the reader on the screen. For example, the text for these guidelines has around 300 words.