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Wheel alignment with RP-TOOLS - Technology with quality

The optimum alignment of wheels on a motor vehicle can be set by wheel alignment and track adjustments. The use of wheel aligners can thus contribute to the optimum axle geometry of motor vehicles. A balanced and well thought-out axle geometry, in turn, helps to optimise fuel consumption and ensures the safe movement and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. In addition, the wear and tear of the tyres and other vehicle parts is minimised. Even a layman can detect an incorrectly adjusted axle comparatively easily if the tyre tread on one side of the vehicle is much more worn than on the other. The shifted axle setting prevents the tyres from resting evenly on the road surface. As a result, one of the two sides will be subject to greater resistance and wear out more quickly.

Signs of axle adjustment

However, a change in axle geometry can also lead to wear of the wheel bearing or increase the braking distance of a motor vehicle. Both effects represent a major risk for the safety of the vehicle in road traffic. For this reason, wheel alignment should be carried out at the first sign of wheel alignment. Further signs of such an adjustment can also be a tilted steering wheel, changes when manoeuvring the vehicle - especially in curves, unusual noises on the chassis while driving, such as rumbling, rumbling or squeaking when cornering, or even increased fuel consumption. There are of course other signs that can indicate an incorrectly adjusted axle, but these are easily confused with other possible sources of error.

Possible causes of axle misalignments

A misaligned axle geometry can be caused by wear of the moving parts on the chassis or by high stress during driving. These include, for example, driving through a pothole or hitting a kerb. Accidents or bumps can also be the cause of axle adjustment. In addition, wheel alignment should always be carried out following conversions or major repairs to the chassis.

Wheel alignment devices provide support during maintenance

Nowadays, modern, computer-controlled wheel aligners are used for wheel alignment. With the aid of sensors or lasers, they provide precise information on the basis of the vehicle type as to whether the axle of a car, van, truck or bus is correctly adjusted and where repairs are necessary. Wheel alignment devices are available from RP-TOOLS in different versions, for example as 3D wheel aligners or laser measuring devices.

Different wheel aligners for different analysis methods

In laser wheel alignment, sensors are attached to the wheels of the vehicle to determine the exact position of the wheels and send the data to the wheel aligner. Using the transmitted vehicle data in comparison with the manufacturer´s data on the correct positioning of the wheels on the corresponding vehicle type, the computer then evaluates whether a correction needs to be made.

In 3D wheel alignment, in addition to attaching sensors and transmitting the corresponding position data, images of the vehicle are also transmitted to the wheel aligner with the aid of a camera. The images from the camera are then converted by the 3D wheel aligner into a three-dimensional model that the automotive expert can view and analyse on the screen of the wheel aligner. Through a comparison with the manufacturer´s data, weak points and malpositions of wheels and axles are quickly detected by the wheel aligner and can be quickly corrected using this method.

Order wheel aligners for workshop use online now

For workshops that carry out wheel alignment quite frequently, it is worthwhile purchasing a 3D wheel aligner, as wheel alignment can be carried out more quickly and with maximum precision. The online shop of RP-TOOLS offers both 3D wheel aligners and laser gauges for all common vehicle types. In addition, you will of course find many other tools and consumables for your everyday workshop life. Browse also our range of workshop equipment: From lifting technology to tire service to brake maintenance - with RP-TOOLS you are always at the right address!

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