Power Generators

Easily obtain energy with power generators from RP-TOOLS

In remote places or on camping sites it is often difficult to generate or obtain electricity quickly and easily. This also applies when you are on the move. For situations like these, the power generators of RP-TOOLS are the right choice. We offer either synchronous generators or mobile power generators in our online shop. So you are perfectly equipped on the road.

Choose between synchronous generator and mobile generator

Be optimally prepared for every situation! In addition to the immovable power generators we also offer a mobile power generator. This is particularly suitable for activities in the garden or on the campsite. It is especially easy to transport due to the carrying handles and the rubber feet ensure optimal stability on any surface. Sliding around on smooth or inclined surfaces is impossible. The reversing starter on this unit allows a noise-reduced starting of the generator.

Avoid excessive voltages with AVR

Our power generators include an automatic voltage control for stable performance. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) ensures that you get the voltage you need for each device at all times. The large tank can hold up to twelve litres of petrol. This fuel is used to power a powerful 4-stroke engine. Particularly suitable for supplying power to garden and construction equipment up to 1200 watts and electrical appliances up to 1500 watts.

Our power generators supply you safely with electricity

As with any device through which electricity flows, a certain degree of safety is also required for (mobile) generators. That is why our devices are always equipped with surge protection. Furthermore, there are protective contacts on the immobile power generators. The low oil protection in the GSE 2700 prevents engine damage which can occur if there is too little lubricating oil in the tank. In this case the engine is then switched off without further ado. With 94 decibels or 75 decibels at idle, our power generators are comparatively low-noise.

Buy power generators and mobile power generators at RP-TOOLS

When making your purchase, you can rely on many years of experience and the high-quality products of RP-TOOLS. Order your (mobile) power generators today! If you have any questions or remarks about your order or our product range, please feel free to ask us. Our live chat is available for this purpose. You can also contact us by e-mail or telephone. During the service hours one of our experienced employees is always there for you and will advise you in all important matters.

Take advantage of the wide range of RP tools!

In addition to stationary and mobile power generators, the online shop of RP-TOOLS offers you a wide range of products. From clothing, computers and EDP to cleaning systems, transport equipment and consumables, you will find everything you need for workshop equipment.

Use our service!

Our service goes far beyond your order and its processing. We deliver your ordered items to your front door and also help with assembly and installation. Our services also include training for the safe and efficient operation of our products. You can be sure: RP-TOOLS never leaves you alone at any time and offers a long-term cooperation. Contact us today!

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