Electric Stackers
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Item no.: RP-CH-A10-300 Electric pallet truck pallet stacker 300 cm 1000 kg
Ready for shipment in ca. 70 days Shipping time: 72 - 73 workdays

electric pallet truck

The simplest way to transport heavy loads, such as pallets, is to move them from A to B with a pallet truck. A lift truck is a chassis on rollers that can lift pallets or other heavy loads by means of lifting action and thus make them transportable.

A pallet truck can also be used in narrow aisles and on floors with a low load capacity. In contrast to hand pallet truck,

electric pallet trucks have an electric motor that drives the rollers.

Electric pallet truck from RP-TOOLS

Our electric pallet truck is equipped with numerous automatic functions that make your work easier when loading and unloading, moving or picking palletized goods. With our pedestrian-controlled truck, the driving speed is automatically reduced from a lifting height of 500 mm. To prevent the truck from accidentally rolling away, an automatic brake on the electric pallet truck also engages when stopping on inclines, declines or ramps.