Electric Stackers
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Item no.: RP-CH-A10-300 Electric pallet truck pallet stacker ant 300 cm 1000 kg
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Electric stackers

The easiest way to transport heavy loads, such as pallets, is to drive them from A to B with a stacker.
A stacker is a chassis on castors that can lift pallets or other heavy loads by lifting, making them portable.
A stacker can also be used in narrow aisles and low-load floors.

Electric stackers, in contrast to hand stackers, have an electric motor that drives the rollers.

Electric stacker from RP-TOOLS

Our electric stacker is equipped with numerous automatic functions that make it easier for you to load, unload, process or pick palletised goods. With our pedestrian stacker the travel speed is automatically throttled from a lifting height of 500 mm. In order to prevent accidental rolling, an automatic brake of the electric stacker also engages when holding on inclines, gradients or ramps.