Rim Repair

A rim repair with the rim straightener saves every rim

A short moment of carelessness and the beloved aluminium wheels are gone. Actually there is only one thing left: Throw away the expensive rim and buy a new one. Far from it! With our rim straightener you will perform a real miracle of aluminium rim repair. A professionally carried out rim repair with our rim straightener removes kerb scratches and wear marks. So every rim shines in new splendor. In our online shop you will find the right machine for your workshop.

Aluminium rims are a good way to visually enhance and individually design every vehicle. They are literally a fashion in their own right for every vehicle and with their popularity their price rises. According to this, the most annoying nuisance for car drivers, apart from scratches in the sheet metal, is a scratch on the rims. Damage to the aluminium rims disfigures them and also has a negative effect on the sale of the vehicle. This damage cannot simply be repaired with putty in the garage at home.

Rim straighteners not only the appearance but also the safety

Scratches and nicks in aluminium rims not only look unattractive, they also reduce the value of the vehicle and endanger the safety of the vehicle occupants. To prevent small scratches from becoming large cracks, the original shine of the rim should be restored quickly. After all, minor scratches or nicks can develop into genuine hairline cracks over time and become a danger to roadworthiness. At the latest then a complete and expensive replacement of the rim is the only safe alternative to rim repair.

Why always buy new rims? Many damages can be repaired easily with our rim straightener at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.

Which damages can be repaired?

With our rim straighteners, rim repairs are possible that are legally permissible and do not endanger road safety. The permitted repair is limited solely to the visual restoration of the aluminium rim.

Only defects with a maximum depth of 1 mm may be repaired with a rim straightener, otherwise the metal loses its approval on the road. For the rim repair, interventions in the material structure, heat treatments as well as deformations are not permitted. The welding of cracks, the mounting of broken parts and any kind of deformation of the aluminium are not included in the scope of the repair. Aluminium rims repaired in this way no longer meet the requirements for roadworthiness.

With only a few steps to a repaired rim

To ensure that the rims do not lose their approval after repair, there are TÜV-certified rotational grinding processes that you can achieve with our rim straightener. An experienced mechanic can prepare notches, stone chips, paint peeling or rust spots in just a few steps in accordance with TÜV standards. With additional accessories, the rims of motorcycles can also be processed.

The following pattern is used for the repair:

  1. clamping of the rim
  2. sanding out scratches and nicks with the integrated rotary sanders
  3. repainting and surface sealing

In our videos you will find these steps also visualized.

Rims with a size of 10-28 inches can be clamped onto our rim straightening machines, so that they can be used in many different ways due to the large pick-up area. The high dead weight of the machine offers a safe and solid stand and also the special fixing points for mounting increase the safety of our rim straightener. The simple operation and a short training period let every rim shine in new splendour quickly. If you need help in choosing the right machine for your workshop, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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