Battery Charging & Starting Devices

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Battery chargers and starters: Keep the engines running!

The car battery is an important source of energy in the car. Without it, nothing works. When idling, it supplies power for the starter, alternator, windscreen heater, radio and many other electronic parts. It also protects against overvoltage in the vehicle electrical system. A starter battery is particularly powerful when the vehicle is started cold. If it is impaired or does not function properly, starting problems often occur. This is where the battery chargers and starters from RP-TOOLS help.

Why are cold starts of a vehicle and general cold temperatures so stressful for a battery?

  • The battery must supply more current: The temperature of the oil in the engine is tough - the mechanical resistance forces are correspondingly high. Therefore the starter needs more energy to start the engine and the battery must be able to supply it.
  • In cold weather, the battery performance is reduced - the battery loses charging voltage.
  • When it is cold, the battery is not fully charged. So it needs more power, which must be provided while the power drops at the same time.
  • Older, less powerful batteries in particular therefore often have problems starting in winter.

Car batteries discharge themselves

It is not only the cold that causes batteries problems. They also discharge themselves over a long period of time - without the need for an external power circuit being connected. Metallic elements in a battery cause a discharge within these circuits. A deep-discharged accumulator can even freeze.

What is gentle on the battery?

Batteries are recharged when the motor vehicle is running. For short distances, therefore, the charging process is all the less intensive. For car batteries, it is therefore particularly good if longer distances are covered with the respective vehicle. If the battery is ever discharged, a battery charger or starter unit is required. This means that the vehicle does not have to be towed away directly. This can also help you in the workshop. The only thing you need for reliable charging of the battery with a charger? A power socket nearby!

What is important when choosing a battery charger or starter?

First of all, you need to decide which types of batteries you want to charge or start with the respective device. In our battery service of RP-TOOLS you will find chargers in different versions. Depending on the battery, the correct voltage is crucial. We offer starters for smaller engines as well as professional large devices for stronger batteries. It is also important that you have a starter device which is compatible with the respective battery. There are different types of batteries - and the possibilities for charging are as varied as that. With a universal charger you are on the safe side and can recharge both gel batteries and lead batteries.

Battery chargers and starters for hobby and industrial workshops

For which purposes do you want to use battery chargers and starters? Do you screw in your own hobby garage or do you own a commercial workshop? Depending on how often battery chargers or starter units are used and over which routes they are transported, the model should be chosen. We at RP-TOOLS provide you with both large, powerful and smaller devices. Small chargers can easily be carried from A to B, but do not have as much power. Large chargers, on the other hand, are not portable by hand, but are rolled to the place of use thanks to large wheels. These starter and chargers have more power and can make even large engines hum again.

RP-TOOLS - Workshop technology at a high level

You are looking for a starter or battery charger, but do not know which one is right for you? The RP-TOOLS team will be happy to advise you. Please contact us!

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