Tire changer car fully-automatic 230 V (1 stage) 10-24 inches with pneumatically tilting post + air-shock + mot. set of auxiliary arms HA70LR

Item no.: RP-R-U221AMPN-230V1S-HA70

EAN: 4053072094732

Manufacturer: RP-TOOLS

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Assistant Arm
Tire Inflation System

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Professional RP-TOOLS tire changer for efficient, professional work and careful handling of tires and wheel rims on cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles.

The PN series shines in the new improved design and supports you even more effectively in the individual work steps. The optionally available mounting aids such as auxiliary arms, tire levers, adapters, mounting chains,... etc. allow you to even easier and faster installation. The accessory can be universally attached to almost every machine in this series.

Our machines have been extensively tested in a test phase and the quality and performance improved. Ideal for tire service and small workshops.

We have a large selection of models and different configurations to meet all workshop requirements.

  • Fully automatic tire changer in first-class professional quality
  • Extra wide assembly column in sturdy design and excellent quality
  • Simply assemble car, motorcycle, van, truck, off-road and ATV tires
  • Protective jaws for aluminum rims are included*
  • Plastic glides to protect the rims
  • Mounting column with automatic rim release of the assembly tool in vertical and horizontal direction
  • The standard electrical supply and return of the clamping system is a guarantee for safe tire assembly and disassembly
  • Heavy pressure cylinders on the side
  • Self-centering 4-fold clamping jaw system
  • New model with wide mounting column
  • Simple operation, robust technology
  • Tire clamping range up to max. 24 inches
  • Rim diameter up to max. 39 inches
  • Including tire inflator with pressure relief valve (meets legal requirements)
  • Includes free accessories
  • TÃœV Austria tested

* Tire changers marked with (A) after the model number are also equipped with the AIR-SHOCK air filling system.

You will find a detailed list of the functions contained below with the technical data of the respective model.

  • The clamping system is actuated by foot pedal via 2 pneumatically operated pneumatic cylinders
  • Steel rims are clamped from the inside and alloy rims from the outside
  • For low profile run or special wheels, it is recommended to use auxiliary arms with assembly chain
  • Recommended temperatures for tire mounting: min. 15°C to max. 50°C
  • Markings on tire and rim are on top of each other
This product consists of
    • Designed specifically for motorcycle tires, this puller allows you to quickly and easily bump off motorcycle and scooter tires. Recommended for motorcycle repair shops. The adapters can be easily mounted on all tire changers of the pro series (P).

      arrowUp Specifications
      Suitable for model number
      RP-R-U200MPN (⟩2013/01)
      RP-R-U200P V01 (2009/01 - 2012/09)
      RP-R-U200PN V01 (⟩2013/01)
      RP-R-U221AP V01 (2009/01 - 2012/09)
      RP-R-U221APN V01 (2013/01 - 2018/04)
      RP-R-U221APN V02 (⟩2018/05)
      RP-R-U221MPN V01 (2013/01 - 2018/04)
      RP-R-U221P V01 (2009/01 - 2012/09)
      RP-R-U221PN V01 (2013/01 - 2018/04)
      RP-R-U221PN V02 (⟩2018/05)
      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • This mounting head is designed to work with small motorcycle, scooter or quad tires. Due to its optimal shape, this mounting head allows the mounting of almost all motorcycle tires. This small mounting head solves many of your problems in disassembly and assembly of custom sizes. Its particularly small dimensions make it particularly suitable for small rim diameters.

      The extremely flat attachment edges make it much easier to insert mounting levers. The mounting head can be easily mounted on all tire-mounting machines of the pro series (P).

      arrowUp Specifications
      Recording (mm)
      Number of screws
      Number of screws
      2 x left + right, 2 x in front
      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • The air pressure controlled assistant arm RP-HA70L facilitates the assembly and disassembly of low profile, wide and run flat tires much easier and more comfortable.

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      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • The air pressure controlled auxiliary arm RP-HA70R facilitates the assembly and disassembly of low profile, wide and run flat tires.

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      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • Designed specifically for motorcycle tires, this adapter allows the mounting of motorcycle tires up to 26 inches in size. The quick-release fastener allows the adapters to be changed in seconds and fits easily on all pro series (P) tire changers

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      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

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